Brenda was born on the happy island of Puerto Rico! She and her husband married in 1999 and worked together to buy homes, fix them up, live in them for a few years, and then sell them for a profit. After they did this several times Brenda asked herself, "If I love looking for and researching houses this much, why wouldn't I do it for a living?" She got her license in Puerto Rico and immediately began selling homes. It didn't take long for her passion to become her full-time job. When she and her family moved to Florida in 2014 she quickly took (and passed!) her Real Estate test to begin working in her new state. 

Brenda jokes that she gets extremadamente involved in the sale or purchase for every single one of her clients. She believes it's her duty to earn their trust and give them the happiest outcome possible. The responsibility that comes with guiding people through the real estate process isn't just about getting the best deal for Brenda; it's about looking out for her clients' best interests on all sides. "There's nothing more rewarding than looking at your client and saying, 'We did it!' That means there's a happy person in the world and I contributed to that. It means I made a positive change in that life. I love what I do."

When Brenda isn't working for one of her clients, she remains a dedicated wife to her husband and a passionate mother to her two beautiful children who she describes as the air she breathes. She loves to go to the beach, play tennis, travel, read a good book (like Finding Inner Peas), going to football games, and being with her beautiful family.